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Section 1.

1.1. General Provisions
These rules are valid for the FPSgame group in the Telegram messenger, unless otherwise agreed separately. Ignorance of these and other rules not only does not relieve you of liability for their violation, but in itself is a violation and aggravating circumstance. These rules may be amended or supplemented by virtue of circumstances not considered in these rules. For violations of these rules, some penalties may be applied to the user.

1.2. General rules
It is forbidden to publish information containing:
excessive slang words, rude and obscene words or phrases;
other people's personal information;
insults, threats, slander;
objects of a racist character and inciting ethnic hatred;
calls for violence or violation of applicable law.
Sanctions: warning or ban user.

Section 2

2.3 Forbidden:
the use of text writing techniques in which its meaning is not always clear to visitors: "LLImo Humb yMHoe cka3aJI 6bI ...";
abuse of graphic emoticons, stickers;
the use of emoticons from other sites using the insert;
Sanctions: warning or ban user.
Not recommended: use an excessive amount of modern network "dialects", professional terms, etc., if the topic of discussion does not require this.
Recommended: write correctly.

Section 3

2.3 Discussions:
flame - the transition during the discussion of any boundaries of politeness;
flood - meaningless or insignificant information that does not carry a semantic load, i.e. short messages like “class”, “interesting”, etc .;
offtopic - messages that do not correspond to the topic
personal correspondence - there are Personal Messages to solve personal issues;
the use of dishonest methods of conducting discussions in the form of “juggling” the statements of the interlocutors, editing or deleting their own messages in order to distort or hide their original meaning.
Sanctions: warning or ban user.


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