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TeamSpeak 3

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1.1. Going to the server. You fully agree with the rules and take full responsibility for everything you say and write.
1.2. Know and comply with the rules of the TeamSpeak 3 server - responsibilities that apply to all users, including the Server Administration.

Sanctions: kick or block


2.1. It is forbidden to use meaningless, unreadable names, unreasonably short (less than 3 characters), or long names, names containing a large number of special characters, as well as containing offensive and obscene names, etc.
2.2. It is forbidden to deliberately use someone else's names (names of Administrators), or their obvious derivatives.

Sanctions: kick or block


3.1. When communicating through a general chat or microphone, it is forbidden to use insults in order to humiliate anyone and in a large number of any kind of obscene expressions.
3.2. When communicating via general chat or microphone, demonstrative disrespect for users and the Administration is prohibited.
3.3. Flood in general chat is prohibited. It is a violation of this clause of the rules to write unreasonably frequently repeated messages using the copy / paste functions of the text.
3.4. It is forbidden to create any interference with the communication of other users (extraneous sounds, music, voice distortion programs, being on a channel with a poorly tuned microphone, etc.)
3.5. Extraneous conversations on thematic channels are prohibited if they interfere with other users on the channel.

Sanctions: blocking from the day


4.1. It is forbidden to use a large number of specials in the channel names. characters, make the names of channels and subchannels unreasonably short or long, obscene words in the names, etc.
4.2. It is forbidden to insert text of an unjustifiably large volume in the channel description using a large number of bb codes containing obscene words or expressions, pictures with scenes of violence, any other information that contradicts generally accepted norms of morality.

Sanctions: kick or block


5.1. It is strictly forbidden to advertise third-party resources, your blogs, other servers, in any form (in the description, in the name, in the name of the channel, etc.)
5.2. Be sure to leave the closed / private channel, the Administrator of which believes that you are interfering with others or are on it for no apparent reason.
5.3. It is forbidden to dispute the actions of the Administration on the server, calling into question its adequacy and competence, thus getting into destructive disputes.
5.4. It is forbidden to record conversations for ordinary users on open channels (without a password), as well as on password-protected administrators whose administrators prohibit doing this.

Sanctions: kick or block from 5 days at the discretion


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