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1. Relations with the administration

1.1. It is forbidden to disrespect the administration of the server, both on the forum and in the game.
1.2. Threats to the server administration are prohibited, both on the forum and in the game.
1.3. Administration cheating is prohibited.
1.4. It is forbidden to use nicknames of administrators or similar to them.

2. Getting information from outside, using programs

2.1. It is forbidden to receive information about the game process except for that which players receive by means provided by the creators of the game. For example, it is forbidden to receive information about the gameplay through telephone communications, teamspeak, ventrilo programs and the like.
2.2. It is forbidden to use programs that help in the gameplay (cheats).

3. Using server errors (bugs)

3.1. It is forbidden to use server errors (bugs). Errors mean any actions that are not provided for by the game process and aimed at personal gain. This also includes a ban on the use of silent run'a (a combination of mini-jump'a and squats). Using a 16-bit color palette is prohibited.
3.2. If you find a new bug, inform the Server Administration about it. Help finding bugs encouraged

4. Conversation, naming

4.1. It is strictly forbidden to use obscene expressions, including veiled ones, both in the game and on the forum. It is forbidden to insult other players.
4.2. Names that offend other players or simply contain vulgar language are not allowed.
4.3. It is forbidden to flood and use long speech macros.
4.4. It is forbidden to overuse the built-in voice communication, remember, your stories may be boring to other players, and, more importantly, deprive them of the ability to adequately assess the game situation using sound.
4.5. It is forbidden to send messages that violate laws that are a manifestation of racism, nationalism, concerning politics, drugs, etc.
4.6. It is forbidden to explicitly or indirectly advertise other online games / projects.
4.7. It is forbidden to use a clan tag that has a site with a list of its members.
4.8. It is forbidden to impersonate the Administration or an authorized representative of the administration.
4.9. It is forbidden to wrangle and challenge the actions of the administration. To do this, it is possible to file a reasoned complaint on the forum.

5. Other

5.1. The deliberate attack of the players of his team is prohibited.
5.2. Your computer, your IP address, you are responsible for violations of your player. No one cares if your friend / brother / mom / dad violated the rules.

5.3. It is forbidden to kill hostages
5.4. Complete your task. Inaction is prohibited! Counter-terrorists can sit (camp) on de_ cards (until the bomb is set). Terrorists can sit (camp) in "cs_" cards. All other cases are punished.
5.5. Always follow the administrator’s instructions.

5.6. The administration has the right at any time, without giving reasons, to stop providing access to the server to a specific user or subnet as a whole.


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